Why I’m so passionate about gaming. (repost)

This is a translation of an older post.

I’ve saved the galaxy (about 3 or 4 times). I’ve been an outlaw in the border of Mexico, and worked for the mob in Vice City. Faced monsters of rock and fur, became a spirit who jumped bodies, and been a Bounty Hunter. I save my cousin who was kidnapped by the Russians, and later was a Russian surviving in the post-nuclear-war subway. I’ve saved the same princess 79 times (42 times that Zelda chick, and around 67 times that annoying Peach, with her stupid habit of always being in another castle). I’ve been a giant robot pilot, a spaceship captain, I’ve face ogres and trolls and hunted vampires. I’ve commanded Marines against a race of aliens with psychic powers, to later ally myself with the to face the Swarm.

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Avengers, Assemble!

This is a translation of a text published in the newspaper on May 6th 2012.

Like I said on Facebook previously, even before watching the movie, here goes a spoiler for you: THIS MOVIE IS DAMN GOOD. Instead of giving out major details, I should just keep finding different ways to say the movie is cool, fun, good, excellent, outstanding, swell, super-duper-awesomenator, effin’ wonderful, sublime, excelso (that’s latin for you, kids), distinguished, prominent, splendind, superb. I’d like to congratulate Joss Whedon, this outstanding character, for delivering me the movie I wanted to watch. Millimetrically accurate on what I wanted to watch.

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A Brutally fun Legend (repost)

This is a translated repost from an older review.

I can start out by saying that this game is much cooler (and weirder) than I ever imagined. At first, I thought this was the unholy offspring of an improbable union between Kratos and some chick from Guitar Hero (or two chicks, for those of you who remember a certain minigame from the first God of War). In other words, a really crazy mix. But I ended up finding out that instead of that, Tim Schafer decided putting one teacup God of War, one teacup Guitar Hero, and three teaspoons Starcraft in the game. And it actually turned out nicely. Crazy as hell, but nicely.

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