Life, the universe, and everything else, or: random ranting in a saturday night.

So I was reading some stuff about astronomy:

-Apparently, in our galaxy there is an estimated number of at least 10 billion planets in the habitable zone of solar systems.
-If there’s a one-in-a-million chance of life in another planet, that means there’s ten thousand planets with some sort of life.
-Earth has 7 billion people, and counting.
-If that’s a high number, let’s say the average population is half that: 3.5 billion. Heck, let’s make 3 billion to round it up.
-Of those 10 thousand planets, if half of them are inhabited in that average, there would be 15 trillion people in the universe. Because regardless of race, planet, or chemical base for life.

And yet, with 15 TRILLION inhabitants in our universe (in a very, very low estimation) you mean to tell me that if something bad or good happens to you, it’s because of some big divinity that is constantly looking especially for you, and that you must put yourself in their hands for good stuff to happen.

No. I’m not against religion, or faith for that matter, in whatever you choose to believe in, be it God, Allah, Odin, or the Great Spaghetti Monster. I’m against inaction. I’m against putting the blame for life being shit into something else. I’m against praying every night for whatever you wish, and then doing nothing about it, expecting it to fall into your lap. And I’m against not believing in YOURSELF, regardless of believing in anything else.

I’m against thinking that humans are not inherently capable of taking care of their own lives.


I was going to post this on Facebook, but it started getting a little longer than expected. It’s just a rant, and a little quick brain exercising.

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